Handmade to Hand Played


Handmade to Hand Played is for sale now and showcases talented artists that have a Thompson among their collection of guitars.  We are proud that we have such amazing players to highlight and wish we could have had everyone on the CD….(maybe another CD is in our future with more talented players!)

You can download from CD Baby at this link or

to purchase for $20, click button below

Thank you to all the Artists and everyone involved in making this CD happen!  

Molly Tuttle, Josh Rinkel (Alex Leach, Laura Orshaw, Seth Mulder, Jasper Lorentzen), Peter Rowan, Laurie Lewis (Tom Rozum & Nina Gerber), Claire Lynch, Billy Strings, Tim Stafford, Adam Schlenker (Steven Fox & Matt Opachick), Adam Chowning (Tristan Scroggins, Megan Chowning & Brandon Bostic), Trey Hensley & Chris Luquette, Chris Jones & Megan Chowning, Pete Kartsounes, Tim May (Steve Smith)


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