Featured Artists

Played by bluegrass, folk, jazz and blues musicians. Our thanks to the fans of Thompson Guitars.

peter rowan with his preston thompson guitar

Peter Rowan

laurie lewis preston thompson guitars

Laurie Lewis

eric bibb preston thompson guitars

Eric Bibb

claire lynch preston thompson guitars

Claire Lynch

chris luquette preston thompson guitars

Chris Luquette

billy strings thompson guitars artist

Jake Workman

trey hensley preston thompson guitars

Billy Strings

Trey Hensley


Tim Stafford

sponsored artist Adam Chowning with his Thompson guitar

Molly Tuttle


Pete Kartsounes

Forrest O’Connor

al petteway preston thompson acoustic guitars

Brandon Bostic

ray hughes sponsors preston thompson guitars

Robbie Schaefer


Charlie Whitten

Jessica Lang

Al Petteway

Steve Blanchard


Ray Hughes

Hunter Fletcher

Adam Mcintosh

Dale Adkins


Arlen Roth

Grace Constable

Keith Yoder