Upcoming Guitar Projects

2022-2023 Special Projects


Currently we have two signature models – A Billy Strings (sold out) and a Molly Tuttle, both have labels and design elements that each artist collaborated with us on to make it their own.  This year we will be offering a Peter Rowan Signature Model being worked on for release this summer in both a Dreadnought and 0000 model.  This will be a limited run (# TBD).   Peter has been such a great supporter of Thompson Guitars since the 1980’s when he met Preston and he is very excited about his own guitar model.  It is an privilege for us to honor Peter and all he has achieved throughout his career. The Fretboard Journal will also be a part of this signature series by offering #2 Peter Rowan Signature Model (a Dreadnought East Indian) via their magazine/podcast – more info to come on this collaboration.


Last year we were able to purchase a Preston Thompson original Dreadnought guitar he build in the mid 1980’s.  A beautiful East Indian Rosewood 41 style that we are recreating and offering soon as the Preston Thompson model. We will build it and have more information on pricing and photos early summer.   This guitar model will be dear to our hearts and something to celebrate Preston’s guitar making for future generations of guitar players and collectors to enjoy.


Our Masterpiece series has reflected what can be achieved in this small shop, the talent we have to create one-of-a-kind guitars.   This year Simon and the crew will be working on the 3rd masterpiece in the series called The Kraken …. that should say it all, this Dreadnought  Slope Shoulder Brazilian will be eye catching and very special.  It was an idea from a client years back that Preston really loved and we can’t wait to make it a reality!

We also work with Dream Guitars on our Timeless Series and have a small bodied guitar slated for this year that will be classic in design and a wonderful Brazilian Rosewood guitar to enjoy playing.  This will feature some appointments that you haven’t seen and keeps our creative juices flowing.  We do have a recent Timeless Series 0000-African Blackwood from Preston’s personal wood stash available currently.

As always we will have a 45 Style Brazilian Dreadnought available via Dream Guitars – this one is currently available.


Over the next 18 months or so a collaboration with TNAG – they reached out to us and a wildlife series of (3) Brazilian guitars featuring Reptile, Mammal and Bird themes will be for sale via their shop.

Simon went to art school in England and has an amazing eye for creating wildlife art using pearl, stone and wood materials, along with etching to give the animals a dramatic and realistic look.  The guitars will include appointments (binding, woods etc) that reflect the themes, as well as, inlay.