Jason Hardesty, along with Simon Haycraft have been hard at work creating some amazing finishes (toner and sunbursts) here at Thompson.   Their skill has been honed over years of working with Nitrocellulose Lacquer and the properties that it possess.

Here at Thompson our sunbursts come in a variety of colors and styles such as: teardrops, full body and neck bursts, soft fades or heavy bands, semi-distressed vintage, amber, reddish tones, smoky brown.  We can customize the colors making each one unique – a piece of art.

They have learned just how much lacquer is needed to create the thin and high quality finishes Thompson is know for…. Click here for more info on our finishes.

Sunburst coloring:
Aged Toner
Light Amber – Slim Fade
Medium Amber – Medium Fade
Brown Amber – Medium Fade
Brown Amber – Tear Drop – Slim Fade
Tobacco Gold – Regular – Medium Fade
Tobacco Gold – Tear Drop – Heavy Fade
Tobacoo Red – Regular – Heavy Fade
Tobacco Red – Regular – Medium Fade
Dark Brown – Regular – Heavy Fade
Dark Red – Regular -Heavy Fade
Brown Amber – Teardrop or Full – Medium Fade
Tobacco Gold – (Maple) – Full- Medium Fade