Preston Thompson Scholarship Fund

This year – 2022 – will be the year we find a hardworking, young musician with a long career ahead of them to benefit from this scholarship fund.

We wanted to create something for the future of Thompson guitars in Preston’s honor. His excitement for young players was a deciding factor for us to create a fund to get a Thompson guitar in the talented hands of several young musicians each year.

We build higher-end handcrafted guitars, which are usually out of reach of a young player just starting out their career.  Many times Preston wished we could have generously gifted a guitar, but the challenge for a young growing company to be successful is watching our costs and juggling cash flow.

Since Preston’s passing we have had several people ask how they can help our company and honor Preston.  Making funds available to pay for the material & labor costs only in order to gift several guitars a year to up and coming musicians, seemed like a great fit.  Preston would have loved this idea and we look forward to reaching our goal of providing (1-2) standard D-MA’s in 2022.

Here is a little video of him talking about him passing on his skills to the shop crew and supporting the next generation of players.  Preston was proud of all our featured players even if very early on in their careers.


Next Generation Musicans

Jessie Lang, Zach Top, Hunter Fletcher and Grace Constable