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Acoustic Guitars available for immediate sale or pre-order

While many of our custom acoustic guitars are made to order, there is often a selection of standard models and limited-edition models available for immediate sale through our network of exclusive dealers.  We have also included some USED Thompson guitars we know about… If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call at 541-588-6211 or send us a message.


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DOMESTIC DEALERSDreadnoughtSlope Shoulder0000OM000000Size 2 Parlor
MO - Eddie's GuitarsCall Thompson for update - 541-588-6211
MO- The Acoustic ShoppeCall Thompson for update - 541-588-6211
NC - Dream GuitarsSpecial orders only
NC - Area 22Call Thompson for update - 541-588-6211
OR - Hilltop Music ShopCall Thompson for update - 541-588-6211
TN - Carter VintageCall Thompson for update - 541-588-6211
TN - Martin MusicCall Thompson for update - 541-588-6211
VA - Drum & Strum Music CenterCall Thompson for update - 541-588-6211


000-12MAThompson Guitar
000-12Mahogany/Adi soft cutaway2018used excellent - $6000
000-12EIAThompson Guitar
000- 12East Indian Rosewood/Adi Top2017used excellent - $6000
OM-Mad/ see note below from Jordan TiceOM- Madagascar Rosewood/Adi Top2019 - built for Jordan Ticeused excellent - $8100
D-SMA -possibly for sale in early SeptemberThompson Guitar
Dreadnought - Sinker mahogany/Adi top2023 completed new, excellent


For Sale

This OM-Mad/Adi is owned by Jordan Tice and he wants to sell it to help fund purchasing a Thompson Brazilian.  Here is some information about the guitar he wanted to share.

“This is an absolutely stunning guitar that I’ve really enjoyed playing for 3 years now. I would describe the tone as rich and deep but simultaneously focused and bell-like. It will ring out for hours if you let it. Visually it’s stunning as well between the slotted headstock and the deep-red sunburst. I’ve played it on dozens of shows all over the US as well as on several recordings and hope it goes to someone that loves it as much as I have.”

I know you know the basic specs but here are a few updates: it has a James May Ultra Tonic pickup I had installed which sounds amazing. There are a few light finish checks that are barely perceptible. It’s been lovingly set up and maintained by Spencer Connell here in Nashville TN. Currently set up with light 12-53 gauge strings but also sounds great with mediums.