For Sale

Acoustic Guitars available for immediate sale or pre-order

While many of our custom acoustic guitars are made to order, there is often a selection of standard models and limited-edition models available for immediate sale through our network of exclusive dealers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call at 541-588-6211 or send us a message.

Updated monthly
DOMESTIC DEALERSDreadnoughtSlope Shoulder0000OM000000Size 2 Parlor
CA - Sylvan MusicD-MA Available
CA - Guitars San DiegoD-SMA - On order
D-Mad/Adi- On order
D-EIA- On order
SL-SMA- On orderOM-EIA - On order
OM-EIA - In process
MO - Eddie's GuitarsD-BA (42 and standard in process)
D-BG - On order
D-Mad/Adi- On order
D-SMA- On order
SL-CMA- In process
OM-Mad/Adi- On order00-12MM - in processSize 2 - SMM (for sale)
Size 2 - SMM (for sale)
MO- The Acoustic ShoppeD-Mad/Adi - In Process
D-BA - On order
D-MA - In process
D-SMA- In process
00-12KL - Available
00-SMM - On order
MS - Bona Fide Music
NC - Dream GuitarsD-SBA 45 custom - Available soonTimeless Series 0000-AB-Adi- Available soon
00-14fret Quilted Western Maple/Adi Masterpiece Series
NC - Area 22D-Mad/Adi - In Process0000-EIA Sunburst - In processOM-EIA - On order
000-12 Mad/Adi- In process
NC - Lowe Vintage
NC - Sound PureD-EIA -On order
D-12MA - On
D-MA -On order
D-Mad/Adi On order
D-SMA- On order
OM-Mad/Adi - On order000-12CMA Sinker- On order
OR - Hilltop Music ShopD-MR - On order0000-Walnut/Lutz - In ProcessOM-MA -In process00-CR- On orderSize 2 - Cuban/Redwood (on order)
TN - Carter VintageD-SMA - In process
D-SMA - In process
D-SMA - In Process
D-EIA On order
D-EIA On order
D-SMA On order

TN - Martin MusicD-MA, D-EIA, -In process
D-Mad/Adi - on order
D-EIA - On order
D-SMA - On order
OM-SMA- On order
OM-EIA- On order
TX - Fuller'sD-SMA- In Process
D-SMA- On order
000-14SMA - On order00-12SMA - On order
WA - The Rosewood GuitarD-MA - On order
D- Mad/Adi- On order
NM - Stay Gold GuitarsD-MA On order
D-EIA- On order
000-14 Mad/Lutz- On order00-12SMA- On orderSize 2 All Koa Custom - For sale
VA - Drum & Strum Music CenterD-EIA - On orderOM-Mad/Adi-On order (SOLD)000-1SMA- In process