Timeless Series

Our Timeless series will produce 2 guitars each year, highlighting a classic design using our skills and imagination.

The first one we did that sold was a Dreadnought made with a unique Mahogany tonewood, which we’ve named “The Tree.” It is bound with Ebony highlighted by a Black Pearl Top/Back purfling. Simon Haycraft created a GeoDeco original torch and fretboard markers. This guitar is completed and will be for sale via Dream Guitars in March 2020.

The second iconic guitar in this series is a OOOO using African Blackwood from Preston’s special stock. We used a Master Grade Adirondack top, Brazilian binding, wood purfling, and additional inlay features.  Take a look at it on our website and also via Dream Guitars – it is currently for sale.

If you are interested in commissioning a special design, we are able to provide the skills to make a one-of-a-kind guitar for you.

Design your Timeless Edition