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There's only one gold standard for those serious about vintage guitars

The playability, tone and craftsmanship of the most sought after and highest quality vintage guitars. Preston Thompson Guitar brings the legacy and sound of prized 1930s Martin guitars to life into every guitar he makes.

Preston Thompson Guitars specializes in offering acoustic guitars of all kinds. Some of our exceptional options include vintage guitar and dreadnought guitars. 

Preston Thompson Guitars are based on the original designs from the golden age of steel-string guitars, each of our instruments are hand made from the finest tonewoods, including Brazilian rosewood, rare reclaimed mahogany, ebony, Spanish cedar, and European and Adirondack spruce.

The result is a magnificent sound from a world-class instrument suitable for fingerstyle or flatpicking in any genre: bluegrass, folk, jazz, blues or vocal accompaniment. See our line of custom guitars and standard models, and hear what we're talking about: Pure tone and pure artisan craftsmanship.

Our roots are strong and we go way back!

There's history in the making.

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If you are a lover of acoustic guitars, Preston Thompson Guitars is what you've been looking for!

We craft all sorts of guitars, some of which are more rare than others. Check out our inventory. Whether you are just starting to play or you have been a professional musician for decades, you should find something you love in our store.

Our vintage guitars are especially popular. These are ideal for individuals who appreciate the history of the instrument and want to add a piece of the past to their guitar collections. Many of our shoppers are also fascinated by the unique dreadnought guitars that we have available. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about any instrument you are thinking about purchasing. 

Our steel-string instruments achieve the pure tone that recalls the golden era of guitar building because of our exacting commitment to craftsmanship. Browse our entire collection of custom guitars.

Hot Rize and Charles Sawtelle playing his Thompson 42 Style Dread


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